muzyka włoska warszawa na żywo francesco chiarini
muzyka włoska warszawa na żywo francesco chiarini

Italian popular hits and folk songs from the ‘50s till today, performed in an original acoustic ensemble of voice and guitar.

Francesco Chiarini comes from an amateurial musical background with approximately 70 live concerts held in North Italy. In Piacenza (his native town) he started playing on his first Spanish guitar back in 1989; he then attended musicological courses in the Piacenza Music School getting to know the major guitar techniques on classical, acoustic and electric guitars.

Currently he plays solo with his beloved acoustic guitar, as well as with a duo or quartet, in exclusive clubs and restaurants, where his music and voice complete the atmosphere. His repertoire is composed of selected Italian songs, from very famous hits to lovely regional folk songs going through the beautiful late ‘50s swings, up to stylish arrangement of modern songs.


A large variety of songs allows the artist to adapt the show to different kind of places, atmospheres, emotions, people. In order to guarantee the best level of amusement, the choice of songs to play can be agreed with the Customer upon the exhibition. The complete knowledge of Polish, English and Italian language, let him manage the spectacle from the beginning till the end.



Romagna mia...the place in the world that inspires me the most