Dal vivo, dal mare

December 2014

Dal vivo, dal mare front cover
Dal vivo, dal mare front cover

An unforgettable live performance, into a single CD. Francesco Bossa Quartet is back after just 3 months from the first album CD.

"Dal vivo, dal mare” is the essence of our inspiration: emotions streamed in a live fashion, from the sea with a taste of poetry. An artwork full of humanity and still able of being touched by the power of music. An elegant figure from older days like the ‘60s/’70s (Renato Carosone, Domenico Modugno...), a creative soul that keeps evolving and searching new skies destined to leave its mark in the best songwriting music.


"Italian songs are well known and popular in Poland, and they are interpreted by Francesco Chiarini in a special way. Francesco’s vocal has a warm and sunny flavor, pleasant colors. Thanks to the band’s compact setup composed by guitar, piano, trumpet and acoustic percussion, we achieve a subtle music, full of feelings, which you can listen with pleasure and ease. The songs are framed with wonderful improvisations by Andrzej Mikulski and Damian Marat. This music is good both for cameral events with Italian theme, as well as for bigger concerts. I highly recommend!"


Krzysia Górniak - Polish jazz guitarist, composer, arranger, producer, philosopher.




Dal vivo, dal mare CD back
Dal vivo, dal mare CD back


September 2014

"Estate" is about intellect as much as sensuality

Estate CD front cover
Estate CD front cover

In this session we want to present an Italian-Brazilian-Polish musical merger, wonderful variety of pleasingly mellow sounds and colors. Estate starts out with a light-hearted cover of Lambada - fast bossa featuring fluffy trumpet and romantic guitar. The melodies appeal the more you hear them, and the harmonic progressions become more satisfying.

Francesco Bossa Quartet, with an Italian frontman and Polish professional players is another example of a shrinking European musical world, or is Warsaw the new Rio de Janeiro? Well, leader Francesco Chiarini says Italian links with Brazil go back many years to romantic songs that were similar melodically to the ancestors of samba and bossa nova.

RafaL Bryndal - Jazz Expert

"Jazz is sometimes passion, great passion..." - the words of one of the greatest Polish  jazz experts Rafał Bryndal, who presented "with great pleasure and distress" in his program on most widely known Polish jazz station Radio Zet Chilli the track entitled "Nie płacz kiedy odjadę" (Don't cry when I leave) of Marino Marini, from our latest album ESTATE.




Yujiro Nakajima - master bossa nova guitarist

"Sophisticated arrangement, colorful harmony, groovy rhythm. You put lots of your own ideas on bossa nova style music. I will listen to this CD a lot!"


Leonardo Masi - Italian musicologist

"The music of Francesco Bossa Quartet is extremely pleasant in listening, simple and very exclusive. Personally I find that the arrangement of "Felicità" made ​​by Francesco is much more suited to the text than the original version."



In the CD you'll find...

The supporting cast (Andrzej Mikulski –piano, Damian Marat –trumpet) grab most of the solo time and use it well. The sophisticated sound of the trumpet is a perfect fit to the session’s ballads like Estate, while the Rhodes piano shines melodically on Nie płacz, kiedy odjadę (literally “Don’t cry when I’ll leave”).

Samba adds some exotic spice to the jazz version of Felicità, whereas the "idiomatic" part of Brazilian rhythms is nailed by a synchronized bongo set (by Gniewomir Tomczyk) and Francesco’s chords with his Di Giorgio’s 1973 classic guitar.

Estate CD back cover
Estate CD back cover