Best Italian-Bossa Nova

...more than Italian hits, more than sound for your ears.

Francesco Bossa Quartet
Francesco Bossa Quartet

Francesco Bossa Quartet provides tasteful and authentic bossa nova jazz music at the highest level covering all the best Italian songs from the ‘60s till now into a modern aesthetic.


The repertoire includes an unforgettable charming selection of covers like:  L'Italiano (T. Cutugno), Che sarà (Ricchi e Poveri), Felicità (Al Bano & R. Power), Ragazza di Ipanema (C. Jobim), Estate (J. Gilberto) ...and many more, all in the same unique and seducing bossa nova jazz style.


Francesco Chiarini is an experienced guitarist and singer with over 70 live concerts held in Italy, and now also with as many in Poland. Francesco is considered one of the emerging artists of the Warsaw’s musical scene and has success among the best clubs in the capital, as well as cooperates with important organizations like Italian Cultural Institute, Gazzetta Italia or Aperol Poland.


The band is made up of the Polish finest musicians trained at some of the most respected universities and music schools in Europe. Francesco (guitars and voice) is surrounded by: Gniewomir Tomczyk (percussions and bongos), Andrzej Mikulski (piano) and Damian Marat (trumpet). Each member of the band brings a unique influence to the table, the mellow sound of all their instruments pushes the genre boundaries more than the usual acoustic or jazz quartet.

Elements of bossa nova, folk, funk, pop and even drum&bass are included to make sure our tracks remain versatile while maintaining a jazz foundation.


Francesco Bossa Quartet are available in low-key background music or something more upbeat for dancing; the band have the right line-up to suit you.

Meet the band!

Francesco Chiarini - guitar & voice


Francesco is an experienced guitarist and singer with over 150 live concerts held in Italy and Poland. Francesco is considered one of the emerging artists of the Warsaw’s musical scene and has success among the best places in the Polish capital. His major influences are bossa nova (Gilberto, Jobim, Veloso, Irio de Paula), jazz (Galliano, Botti, Di Meola, Reinhardt), spanish guitar (De Lucia, Segovia).

Damian Marat - trumpet


Winner of several festivals, young talent, passionate about music from the first seconds of life. Damian cooperates with the best orchestras both in Poland and Germany. He has participated in many concerts of different kinds of music mainly under jazz influences. He has performed in the country and abroad with many leading Polish jazzmen.

Andrzej Mikulski - piano


Pianist, organist, harpsichordist, improviser, composer.

A graduate of the Fryderyk Chopin Music University in Warsaw at the Department of Piano, Harpsichord and Organ under the guidance of prof. Jaroslaw Malanowicz and Roman Szlaużysa (Piano Classical-u prof. Hanna Jóźwicki). Education about also with prof. Jaroslaw Wroblewski and prof. Bartholomew JAKUBCZAK. His musical education continued as a fellow in the Conservatory of Music in Lyon (France) under the supervision of prof. Ives Lafargue (organ), Herve Billaut (classical piano), Mario Stancheva (piano jazz). He has participated in masterclasses Joseph Serafin, Guy Bovet, Chris Bossert and Jean Pierre Leguay (improvisation courses).

Gniewomir Tomczyk - acoustic percussions


Classical percussionist and entertainment (drum set, cajon, classical instruments). A graduate of the University of Music. Frederic Chopin Białystok. He has participated in courses, workshops and jazz festivals in Poland and abroad. He worked with the Polish Simphony Orchestra iuventus (under the direction of Krzysztof Penderecki). Initiator and a member of several musical projects: jazz, funk, soul and Latin music. Center of his interests are musical genres of jazz and electronic - dubstep, drum'n'bass and industrial.

Lukasz Makowski - double bass


Łukasz got his first bass guitar in the age of 13, and his love for the deep sounds soon embraced the double bass as well. Graduated from Fryderyk Chopin Secondary Music School in Gdansk and Stanisław Moniuszko Music Academy in Gdansk in the double bass class.

He cooperates with famous Polish jazz musicians such as sax player Piotr Baron, Zbigniew “Levandek” Lewandowski, Marek Markowski, Jan Freicher, Adam Lewandowski, Wojciech Gogolewski, Zdzichu Kalinowski and many others.