muzyka włoska warszawa na żywo francesco chiarini
muzyka włoska warszawa na żywo francesco chiarini

Guitarist Al Di Meola, once said you know a man by how he plays an acoustic guitar. You must admit that this sentence has a hidden meaning. It is surprising that many guitarists start their music adventure beginning with an acoustic guitar, and then after years of experience return to it re-discovering its beauty once again.


For me, its authenticity and faithfulness of sound are the most fascinating aspects. The final sound depends only on us. A guitar plays well only when the artist has suitable abilities and techniques. You cannot hide your playing flaws by using various guitar effects.


Your own natural sound, is the only truth.

Di Giorgio - Estudiante #28 – 1973

Ibanez - Performance PF300 - 1990

Ukulele Tenson Sopran