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Sea of Istria

album Released in july 2021

The sea of Istria is where I find my inspiration and calmness, it's somehow my secret battery-charging source of dreams which I'd now like to share with the world.

What is yours? What is your source of inspiration and calmness?

Where, or what, is your "sea of Istria"?



In their album Sea of Istria, ritmo afinado band ensembles warm southern rhythms, with tendency to both an instrumental set and vocal poetry. Each note is born from an innate sense of spontaneity, which is the real key to accurate interpretation.


Everything we need is Rhythm and Words. Rhythm of the waves. Rhythm of the heart, blood in the veins, the movement of your body. But there is more: Words. Words lost in time, flowing in the wind, Words becoming utterly useless compared to a glance. The name of your beloved one is a Word too.


Inspired by the desire of passion from the past years. By spending rewarding evenings together, moments that remained inside our hearts. Far in time. But now, these moments seem to be so nearby in our mind. Every moment of today is worth breathing life into it. In their original form: Rhythm & Words.

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